Luverne Parks


The Luverne City Park is a lush, shady area on the east end of Main Street in the curve of the Rock River.  It's the perfect spot for a picnic and a great place to let the kids burn off some energy!  Filled with all kinds of slides, monkey bars, swings, etc., it's a favorite spot for kids and parents. 

Just across the Rock River, many Luverne residents enjoy playing tennis on the well maintained courts, there is a skateboard park, and Luverne's outstanding "Redbird Field" baseball facility.  Riverside Park (across the highway) is the home to two softball diamonds and another playground area for the kids.



 In addition to the City Park, Luverne maintains 11 neighborhood  parks:



Buffalo Bill Park


Buffalo Bill Park is a small pocket park located on South Donaldson Street.
Buffalo Bill Park Sign
Buffalo Bill Park



Evergreen Park


Evergreen Park was developed in 2002.The property was donated by the Luverne Economic Development Authority. Evergreen Park has plenty of new, brightly colored play equipment, a half basketball court, picnic tables, drinking fountain, and an old fashion Windmill that was rebuilt by the Public Works Department. This 2 1/4 acre park is intended to represent Luverne, and is a nice starting point for using the Walking and Bike path up to Bluemound State Park.



Basketball Court
Swing Set
White Fencing Around the Park
Evergreen Stone Sign
Evergreen Park Sign


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Hawkinson Park


Hawkinson Park is approximately 1 acre in size. The City of Luverne purchased this land in the mid 1960's. It features a swing set, monkey bars and slide, picnic tables, and a very nice public green space on the west side of Luverne.


Hawkinson Sign
Swing Set & Jungle Gym
Lawn space and picnic tables
Park View
Park Slide
Park View


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Kolbert Park


Kolbert Park is located on the southwest side of Luverne.  It is approximately 5 1/2 acres in size and has a nice amount of play equipment and plenty of lawn space for kids to have a neighborhood ballgame.  The property was purchased by the City from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kolbert around 1980.  Kolbert park also features a foot bridge over a creek, and grills and picnic tables for your recreation.


Kolbert Park Sign
Foot bridge over creek in Kolbert Park
Foot Bridge Over a Creek
Donald Duck playground equipment
Swingset in Kolbert Park
Swing Set
Yellow slide at Kolbert Park
Yellow Slide
Long view of Kolbert Park
Park View


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Longhorn Park


Longhorn Park is on a small city lot that was converted to a pocket park. It is located near the corner of Adams and Spring Streets.


Longhorn Park Sign
Longhorn Swings


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 Moccasin Park is located near Spring St. and Luverne St. With its tall shading trees, it is a perfect area to have a picnic. 


Moccasin Park
Park Picnic Table
Park View
Moccasin Stone Sign



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Prairie Moon Park


Approximately 5 acres in size, this pocket park was created when the Tri-State addition was developed. Prairie Moon has a playground, lovely landscaping, picnic tables, and a grill available for public use.


Prairie Moon Park Sign
Blue Slide
Park View
Swing Set


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Rotary Park


As part of the south Highway 75 improvement projects , the Luverne Rotary Club chose as their contribution the development of a park north of Subway. Henning Construction donated fill and performed the necessary site work. The Public Works Department seeded the area. The Luverne Rotary Club raised money and received some grant funding that was used to purchase picnic table, benches, waste receptacles and a piece of play equipment. Additional fund raising is planned so the Rotary Club Members can purchase and plant some trees, flowers, and bushes in the park.


Rotary Park Sign
Park View With Picnic Tables
Flags in the Park


Sitting Bull Park


Sitting Bull Park is a small neighborhood park located on Estey Street just north of Dodge Street.  It features fun climbing playground equipment and swings. Benches and picnic tables are also available in this pocket park.  Sitting Bull Park has been owned by the City since the early 1960's and was converted into a park in the late 1970's.


Sitting Bull Park Sign
Jungle Gyms
Red Play Ground
Bear Teeter-Totter


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Tonto Park is about 5 acres in size and features playground equipment and picnic tables for the public to use.

Tonto Park
Park View
Tonto Swings
Climbing Dome
Yellow Playground


Veteran's Memorial Park


Veteran's Memorial Park lies on the North side of Luverne nestled in the neighborhood behind the Minnesota Veterans Home.  This park features well maintained landscape and lawns, a lovely fishing pond, ramped sidewalks providing easy accessiblilty, a picnic shelter, and a playground with a variety of fun equipment.


Veterans Memorial Park Sign
Swings and Picnic Shelter
Slide and Swing Set
Veterans Memorial Park Sign
Playground at Veteran's Memorial Park
Park View
Playground and Picnic Tables
Picnic Table and Playground


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All parks are publicly owned and municipally maintained. There is no charge for their use. Click Here to visit each of the Parks in Luverne using our "Interactive Map"   

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