Demolition Programs


Do you have a building (residential or commercial) beyond repair?

The City of Luverne desires to have its residential areas and commercial districts attractive to residents and visitors.  The goal of the Demolition Grant Program is to stabilize and improve the community by removing blighted, dilapidated, substandard, and irreparable structures. Projects must reach the goal of eliminating blight, improving property maintenance, promoting public health and safety, or encouraging economic development.


AWARD AMOUNTS:                       

Residential Demolition Grants:

  • Up to $1500 available for accessory structures
  • Up to $3000 for housing structures
  • Maximum of $3000 per property

Commercial Demolition Grants:

  • Maximum $5000 per property




The following items must be completed and/or submitted upon application:

  1. Review of Building Demolition Code and pre-approval from the Building Official.
  2. Applicant must provide 2 itemized estimates/bids; grants will be awarded up to the lowest bid amount. Disbursements will be made upon receipt of a final invoice and an inspection.
  3. Demolition work must be completed within 90 days of grant award.
  4. Applicant must include a plot plan of the property which must include legal description, street address, lot dimensions, and highlight which structure will be demolished.
  5. Applicant must include a copy of the property’s most current estimated market value
  6. Applicant must show proof of ownership such as a deed.

The LEDA reserves the right to extend or reduce the timeline at their sole discretion due to extenuating circumstances. Changes to any other terms will be approved on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the LEDA.


(507) 449-2388, 305 E. Luverne St, PO Box 659, Luverne, MN 56156