Quentin Aanenson Airfield - Luverne Municipal Airport

CTAF/Unicom 122.7

A W O S 119.825 

Approach/Departure FSD 125.8

Rwy 18-36, 4,200 feet

Each with RNAV GPS LPV LNAV 200-1 Approaches

AWOS Phone - weather updated every minute 507-283-5027


 Airport Welcome Signs

The Luverne Municipal Airport is located at 941 S Highway 75, Luverne. 

Our Airport is named after WWII Fighter Pilot and esteemed Veteran, Quentin Aanenson.

The Luverne Municipal Airport (KLYV) is a full service FAA designated airport. 24/7 100LL fuel is available on a self serve basis/card control basis and JetA on a full service basis.

The Airport has hangars to house over 20 airplanes including four in the Cessna 400 category.  The 4,200 foot 18/36 runway features full PCL lighting, PAPI's and REILS and two RNAV (GPS) LNAV and LPV approaches with 200-1 minimums.


The airport is situated on approximately 280 acres and is a user friendly facility with computerized weather, internet access, meeting facility, lounge with TV, modern courtesy car, and much more. The airport is within one mile of the business community which offers quality lodging, meals, entertainment, and other services.


Contact Airport Manager, Ben Baum (605-413-5028) for available hangar rental space or if you have other needs.


The main airport facility houses the planes and all equipment for "Skydive Adventures", which is a private skydiving company offering skydive training and scheduled skydiving events.


"Skydive Adventures Website" 



Luverne Municipal Airport



Airport Runway 

Airport Runway

Waiting room at airport
Airport Waiting Room

Quentin Aanenson

Quentin Aanenson

Airplane at airport
Plane in hangar
Airplane in Hangar



Airport road view



Airport Operations and Services 

Fuel Availability:  100LL, Self-Service, JetA, All Major Credit Cards.
For Current Fuel Prices Visit:  100LL.com - Aviation Fuel Price Search
Ground Transportation:  Free Courtesy Car
Lounge:  Pilot Lounge open 24 hours with computer weather, internet, TV and more.


Contact Information

Airport Manager: Ben Baum - Tailwinds Aircraft Services

Address: 941 S Highway 75, Luverne

Telephone: (507) 283-5041

Cell Phone: (605) 413-5028

Email Addresstailwindsair@gmail.com