Rights and Responsibilities

Cold Weather Rule

Some customers find it hard to pay their utility bills in the winter. The state of Minnesota set up the Cold Weather Rule to protect residential, heat-affected customers who are unable to pay their utility bills from disconnection of service between October 1 and April 30.

Cold Weather Rule Rights and Responsibilities

Avoiding Disconnection

The Cold Weather Rule does not forbid winter shut-off. If you receive a shut-off notice in winter, you must act promptly and call Luverne Municipal Utilites at 507-449-2388 to apply for Cold Weather Rule protection and set up a payment plan.

Your service will be subject to disconnection without further notice if you do not make the agreed upon payments. If you cannot keep your original payment plan, call Luverne Municipal Utilities immediately and make a new payment plan to avoid disconnection.


If your power is disconnected October 1 when the Cold Weather Rule takes effect, you can have your power reconnected by calling Luverne Municipal Utilities to set up a payment plan.

You must keep your payment plan to avoid future disconnection. Call Luverne Municipal Utilities immediately if you cannot keep your payment plan to avoid disconnection.

Payment Plan

Cold Weather Rule payment plans last until April 30 unless you make other arrangements with Luverne Municipal Utilities. Your service could be disconnected if you have past due balance on April 30 and do not make and keep a new payment plan.

Right to Appeal

If you and Luverne Municipal Utilities cannot agree on a payment plan, you have 10 days to appeal to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The MPUC will help you set up a payment plan, and your service will stay on during the appeal process.

If you have questions...

Please contact Luverne Municipal Utilities or visit MPUC's Cold Weather Rule FAQs

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