Luverne Community Gardens

Located at 900 East Dodge Street


The plots are 10ft by 10ft in size and provided by the City of Luverne. The garden is here for your enjoyment, so please be respectful of your neighbors and the resources available to you. The guidelines described below govern the garden and are enforced by the Community Garden Committee.


  • Plot rental fees ($15) must be paid by all gardeners. Costs include, but are not limited to: water usage, tilling, fencing, hose, garden shed, tools, etc.
  • Plot rental fees for returning gardeners are due by January 31. Returning gardeners will have the right to reserve their same plot for the following year at the end of each gardening season. New gardener plot rental fees are due by Feb 28
  • Basic gardening tools will be supplied and secured in the garden shed. The shed will be secured with a combination lock and the tools are free to use on the honor system. The tools should be placed back in the shed after usage; you are free to store additional tools and supplies in the shed at your own risk.
  • Plots must be maintained and kept in useful condition throughout the growing season. The garden coordinator will periodically inspect the gardens and impartially decide which ones need attention. Those who neglect their garden or let it become overrun with weeds will be notified. If plot is not kept in useful condition or maintained, plot will be returned to the community garden organizers for other member’s use and the gardener will be ineligible for a plot the following year.
Map of community garden areas
Community Gardens Map


  • Walk ways and paths must be kept clear, level, and free of all obstructions. Carpet pieces are allowed on the walkways.
  • Non-organic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are NOT to be used within the developed community garden.
  • Compost soil, manure, etc. is permitted.
  • Water usage will be recorded by a water meter. Watering should be done on a “as needed” basis and only allowed during low water evaporative times (evening and morning). Water usage must be monitored – do not leave a sprinkler on. Additional water charges will be divisible by all members.
  • If a gardener expects an extended absence, proper arrangements must be made to have plot tended to.
  • Pets are not allowed within the fenced-in area of the garden. Please comply with the city ordinance by keeping your pet on a leash and cleaning up after your animal.
  • Garden waste, spent crops, and any other debris is to be removed or composted at season end – end of second week in October.
  • Structures and supports for planting are to be removed at season end – end of second week in October.
  • Please make sure the water hydrant is turned OFF (not just the hose nozzle) and the tools are securely LOCKED in the shed when you leave the garden, regardless of the time of day.


If there are any questions, concerns, or problems associated with the garden, please contact:

Lynette Jauert: ljauert@outlook.com or 507-227-1526

Christy Hess: chess@cityofluverne.org or 507-449-9906