Bright Energy Solutions Rebates

The purpose of the Bright Energy Solutions Rebate and Energy Efficient Loan Program is to incite businesses to make qualified, energy-efficient improvements at a reasonable cost through rebates and a 0% interest loan. 
If you need to make a purchase or an update, we want it to be an energy efficient one! We can send a specialist directly to your business - at no cost to you - to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your business.

CONTACT:  Wade Sand                 PHONE:  605-359-8836            EMAIL:

For specific information on the Bright Energy Solutions rebates through Missouri River Energy Systems (MRES) and Luverne Municipal Utilities, please visit our website to determine the rebate amount on your specific piece(s) of equipment:



0% Interest Loan Requirements


A loan up to $5000 offered at 0% interest for 5 years is available to businesses for qualified Bright Energy Solutions projects. As long as your project qualifies for Bright Energy Solutions rebates, it will be eligible for the loan program.


CONTACT: Christy Hess          PHONE: (507) 449-2388             EMAIL:


Eligibility Eligible projects include lighting for new construction, lighting retrofits, heating and cooling, motors, pumps, VFDs, and custom incentives. 

Rates/Terms   All loans are 0% interest

$1000 loan ~ 1 Year

$2000 loan ~ 2 Years

$3000 loan ~ 3 Years

$4000 loan ~ 4 years

$5000 loan ~ 5 Years


Monthly payments can be added to the customer's utility bill for added convenience (roughly $85/month).


Interested in this program? See application below.