Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I set up utilities in Luverne?

A:  See Starting Utilities


Q:  Can I reserve a shelter at the Luverne City Park?

A:  No, the shelters are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Q:  What if my garbage or recycling didn't get picked up?

A:  Leave your container set out and notify the City Offices at (507) 449-2388.


Q:  How do I have the water service turned on?

A:  To schedule an appointment for water service to be turned on, contact City Offices at 449-2388. We do require someone meet the Water Department at the property where service is being turned on.


Q:  A solicitor showed me a solicitor's license from a different city or state. Are they authorized to go door-to-door in Luverne?

A:  No, they must have a license issued from the City of Luverne to solicit within city limits.


Q:  How can I fill my swimming pool?

A:  Customers can contact City Offices at 449-2388 to schedule a pool fill. Customers can also use their own water to fill their pools. And they can also hire commercial pool companies to fill their pool.


Q:  How do I get a Business License?

A:  Licenses to operate a business are issued by the MN Secretary of State. The City of Luverne issues Liquor Licenses and Commercial Refuse Permits.


Q:  Are golf carts allowed on city streets?

A:  No, golf carts are not street legal vehicles.