Luverne Wastewater Department


The Wastewater Department plans for and anticipates the needs of the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Utility. Significant wastewater improvements have been made during the past decade and the City Council has adopted long-term improvement plans.
Unless a specific contract governs charges for sewer service of water service to the customer or water service has been shut off by the City, sewer service charges shall be based upon actual water usage. 
For single family residential customers, there will be a summer maximum (bills due 6/8 through 11/8) based on the customer's average winter usage (usage from bills due 12/8 through 5/8). For bills due 12/8 through 5/8, the sewer charges shall be based upon actual water usage plus the basic availability charge per living unit including each apartment, condominium, or townhouse unit, etc. 
Sewer charges shall be billed to the same customer responsible for paying the cost of the metered water usage which is used to determine the appropriate sewer charges. 
The basic charge applies to all accounts and is based on the number of residential living units.


City of Luverne Sewer Fees 
Basic Availability Charge             $34.50 per month

All Units                               $6.28 per unit per month



For further information... 
Contact Luverne Municipal Utilities at: (507) 449-2388