Luverne Loop, Ashby Trail & Blue Mounds Trail


Hike, Bike, and Explore the Trails around Luverne!

Whether you're looking for a casual stroll, a long bike ride, or a unique outdoor adventure, you're sure to find the perfect experience on one of three great trails near Luverne. The Luverne Loop, the Christopher Martin Ashby Memorial Trail, and the Blue Mounds Trail offer unique experiences and miles of adventure around the area. With trails like these, you'll "Love the Life!"


Interactive Trail Map

View a map of all the trails in Luverne on our Interactive Trail Map.



The trailhead is located at 601 E Main Street. Parking, public restrooms, water, Wi-Fi, and a bike fix-it station are available at the trailhead.


The Luverne Loop

The Luverne Loop offers 7.4 miles of trail around the outskirts of the city. By linking to the Blue Mounds Trail, the Loop provides residents and visitors of all ages with a safe, natural place for healthy recreation and transportation that connects areas of interest throughout Luverne and Rock County.

Trail users can access the Loop by parking at the Trailhead or at other public parking places along the route.



The Loop is a fantastic way for residents and visitors to experience hidden gems within the community. Starting at the trailhead, users can go counter-clockwise around the Loop by heading north on the Blue Mounds Trail past Luverne Aquatics & Fitness and turning west on 131st Street. Then, heading south on Hwy 75, users have the option to take the spur to the fishing pier at Veterans Pond, or cross Hwy 75 and continue on the Loop.

Along the Loop, users can expect to see the following points of interest:

  • Sanford Healing Garden
  • Veterans Pond and Fishing Pier
  • Tonto Park
  • Children's Remembrance Garden 
  • Breathtaking views of the rolling prairie atop an earthen berm
  • Luverne Public Schools athletic fields (Prairie View Complex)
  • Nature Explore Classroom
  • Poplar Creek
  • Kolbert Park
  • The Lake
  • Blue Mound Ice Arena
  • Restaurants, shops, and hotels along the I-90 / Hwy 75 commercial corridor
  • Wildlife habitat and native grasslands
  • Dybedock Pond
  • Rock River
  • Redbird Field


Christopher Martin Ashby Memorial Trail

The Ashby Trail is 1.95 miles in length. Starting on the east side of the Rock River near the Trailhead, the Ashby Trail crosses the Rock River, winds through the Luverne City Park and meanders east out of Luverne along Rock River Road and terminates at Rock County Road 9. 


Working with the Luverne Area Community Foundation, the Christopher Martin Ashby Memorial Trail was inspired by Gene and Barb Ashby to remember their son Chris who was an avid bicyclist. 


Biking was something the Ashbys enjoyed as a family and this legacy gift allows them to share this recreation and experience with other individuals, families, and bicycle enthusiasts.




Blue Mounds Trail

The Blue Mounds Hiking and Biking Trail offers 6.0 miles of trail from Main Street Luverne to the Blue Mounds State Park. 


Trail users can access the Blue Mounds Trail by:

  • Parking at the Trailhead at the intersection of Main Street and Blue Mound Avenue
  • Parking at Blue Mounds State Park via the Main Entrance and accessing the trail from within the Park
  • Parking at the Cliff-line Area along County Hwy 8 (Parking passes available on site) 


Along the trail, visitors can see open scenery and agricultural fields as well as a beautiful view of the Blue Mound cliffline. A portion of the trail branches off to the top of a 90-foot cliff line and offers a panoramic view of Luverne. 


The Blue Mounds State Park offers an additional 13 miles of easy to moderate hiking trails that lead you over the top of the Mounds through rich and varied prairie-dominated terrain, giving hikers a rare opportunity to experience Minnesota's ever-changing tallgrass prairie. 


The Luverne Loop and Blue Mounds Trail are linked via a local sidewalk connection on 131st and Blue Mound Ave.

Check out more information on the Blue Mounds State Park.

Find more information on snowmobile trail maps near Luverne. 




Trail Etiquette and Rules

We love our trails!


For the enjoyment of all and the safety of others on our trails, please practice trail etiquette and observe these rules:



  •  Obey all traffic control signs and watch for traffic at intersections.
  •  Bikers must yield to pedestrians and slower trail users.
  •  Trail is open from dawn to dusk.



  •  Keep to the right side of the trail when approaching others.
  •  Pass on the left when safe and give audible signal.
  •  When passing, give warning by saying "Passing on your left".



  •  Keep on a short leash and under control at all times.
  •  Pick up after your pets.



  •  Keep your trails clean.
  •  Take your trash when you leave.
  •  Trail is 100% tobacco-free zone.



  •  Respect adjoining property.
  •  Help protect our natural resources.






  •  Be Safe
  •  Be Respectful
  •  Have Fun


Electric-Assist/Pedal-Assist Bicycles

Electric-assist or pedal-assist bicycles are allowed on state & local trails, or wherever normal bicycles are allowed, if they meet the following definition in Minnesota Statutes 169.011, Subdivision 27. A motorized bicycle that does not meet the definition of an electric-assist bicycle is not allowed on state or local trails where motorized vehicles are prohibited.

    • 2 or 3 wheels
    • A saddle and fully operable pedals for human propulsion
    • An electric motor that is:
      • 1,000 watts or less,
      • incapable of propelling faster than 20 miles per hour,
      • incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power alone is used to propel the vehicle at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour, and 
      • disengages or ceases to function when the vehicles brakes are applied. When riding on trails, remember to yield to pedestrians and slower trail users, and give an audible signal if passing.


Luverne E-Bikes


Luverne E-Bikes is a bike rental program where users can rent an electric bike and ride for $10.00 an hour. Rentals are available at the Luverne Aquatics & Fitness Center.


802 N Blue Mound Ave
Luverne, MN 56156


Visit the Luverne E-Bikes page for more information.


Roll On Luverne!

Through Roll On Luverne, riders can borrow bikes for up to 24 hours to go biking on the Luverne Loop. There are 8 adult bikes, 4 youth bikes, 2 adult trikes, and 1 tandem bike. Bikes are available 24/7 at the Grandstay Hotel & Suites front desk.



908 South Kniss Avenue

Luverne, MN 56156